Sudler Trophy Poster


The Sudler Trophy is an award bestowed on one university marching band every other year, and was an annual award from 1982 to 2007. Described by a Los Angeles Times reporter as “[t]he Heisman Trophy of the collegiate band world”, the award does not represent the winner of any championship, but rather a band surrounded by great tradition that has become respected nationally. No school may be honored with the award twice. According to the official description of the trophy:

The purpose of the Sudler Trophy is to identify and recognize collegiate marching bands of particular excellence who have made outstanding contributions to the American way of life. The Sudler Trophy is awarded annually to a college or university marching band which has demonstrated the highest musical standards and innovative marching routines and ideas, and which has made important contributions to the advancement of the performance standards of college marching bands over a period of years.

The Goin’ Band from Raiderland received this prestigious honor in 1999 under the direction of Professor Emeritus Keith Bearden. Order a memento of this historical moment today!


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