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The purpose of the Goin’ Band Association is to provide support and resources to improve the quality and success of the Texas Tech University Band.

Est 1987

From the earliest days of the Tech Band Alumni Association, our mission has remained the same: to provide support and resources to improve the quality and success of the Texas Tech University’s Goin’ Band from Raiderland.

Originally, our organization was founded as a group of die-hard Tech Band alumni who wished to stay in contact with one another and to establish a scholarship endowment for future students wishing to join the largest and oldest student organization on campus.

Since that time, we have expanded our reach to include family, friends, and fans of the Goin’ Band, but our goals and purposes remain the same – to support the students any way that we can.

Our hope is to give back to the organization that gave us so much so that the Goin’ Band will continue to entertain the crowds each week during the games and other performances each year.



Leading the Goin’ Band Association each year are a group of volunteers serving as Board of Directors and Officers of the organization. These individuals, typically alumni of the Goin’ Band, meet regularly throughout the year, manage the day-to-day operations of the Association, and organize the special events throughout the year.

Who we are

Giving back

For over three decades, the members of the Goin’ Band Association have graciously donated their time, energy, and money for the sole purpose of giving back to the Goin’ Band. Among the many years of support, the Goin’ Band Association has provided to the Goin’ Band:

  • A scholarship endowment for any band student, regardless of major
  • A brand new Bandwagon (cargo van)
  • Cookout for the students during Summer Band
  • Funding for CD and DVD productions
  • Embroidery of Senior Spats for all graduating seniors
  • Research and addresses for ΚΚΨ & ΤΒΣ alumni
  • Bowl game awards, shirts, and dinners
  • Alumni Band Day funding and organization
  • New equipment and equipment cleaning/repair
  • A basketball band when students are on break
  • Apparel for the Goin’ Band uniform, including neck gaiters during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic

Become a Member

The easiest way is to become a member of the Goin’ Band Association. Membership levels start at $25 and renew annually. Your membership dues are used to provide direct support to the Goin’ Band and its students through the use of scholarships or other material support.

Local Chapters

In addition to membership, the Association welcomes volunteers to help organize and lead events at local chapters across the state.

We’re working on getting this framework set up. If you’re interested in helping, contact us today!

Join the Board of Directors

We welcome volunteers to work with the Board of Directors to shape the organization in upcoming years. Each Director serves up to three 3-year terms, meeting multiple times throughout the year, to manage the organization.

How can I join the Goin' Band Association?

The easiest way to join is through our website. You may also send a check to our PO Box with your contact information.

Goin’ Band Association
PO Box 64424
Lubbock, TX  79464-4424

Who can join the Goin' Band Association?

Anyone! Originally, we were founded as an alumni association, but since then, we have welcomed in family, friends, and other fans of the Goin’ Band who wish to support the students. Sign up, today!

How can my company sign up for sponsorship opportunities with the Goin' Band Association?

Contact our Treasurer, Chris Brewer, for details.

How can I get more information about GBA?

Feel free to reach out to us below!

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